Sunday, 8 March 2009


I tried erasing the sketch,
the boundaries darkened,
and shouted at me to tell,
that I love her even her more.

I lived on her smile,
rage,insanity and I punched.
A toothless smile,
a smile which I love even more.

She spoke and it was music,
I plugged my ears,
I cried a tear in the silence,
it trickled down to whisper in my ear,
I love her even more.

She is a painting,
I poured water,
the colors splashed over me,
and told,I love her even more

I climbed a mountain,
a torrent of air hit,
I heard an echo,
it said,I love her even more

She lived in my heart,
I burnt it down,
She rose from the ashes,
and I live no more,
A heartless life...a lifeless heart,
a heart which loves her even more.


Samir Maggo said...

Who is 'she' here :P

Sharad Sharma said...

nobody ;)

..imagination mostly

vani said...

naaaiiiccceeee :)

tulika said...

m impressed fortunately a dmn talented guy is ma frn

Suthradhara said...

the underlying pain comes out well, though u cud hav phrased it better. a good one.

genie said...

gud one..brought bac some memories..a para of what i wrote whn luv broke ma heart...;)

Broken is my heart, my fingers looking red.....have been picking up the pieces, painted in my blood...Pain soaring so high, I try to close my ears...cos i hear d world shout,' cry me a river'!!!.....

wounds heal but scar remains..;)

Sharad Sharma said...

thanks all of you for your comments :)

Phoenix said...

now that's a heartbreak! very nicely crafted...cheers!