Saturday, 25 April 2009

Rain,breaks and Arun Lal

Will it happen or won’t it? Where? When? How? There were a zillion questions over the second edition of the IPL but Lalit Modi’s leadership and BCCI’s brute force with all the money it generates, ensured that the games went on. After India realized that the general elections to the 15th Lok Sabha were more important than the razzmatazz brand of money generating cricket,SA edged out England as the venue for the cricket extravaganza.
It is amazing how every piece in the maze fit into place and the games began, almost on schedule.
The momentum is picking up now with higher scores and better pitches but up until now, there have been three dampeners for me.

SA gave IPL every possible guarantee but even Superman Modi can’t control the weather. The rain has been playing spoilsport in a number of matches and it seems to be extremely generous when KingsXI Punjab are on the field. T20 is lottery cricket indeed but rain, followed by the application of D/L method, leaves no chance for the match to be decided on skill of the team. Duckworth and Lewis of course, did not like the team batting first.

IPL’s business managers played a super shot by introducing the strategy breaks of 7.5 minutes after every 10 overs to allow for the advertisements to generate more revenue. The decision seems to have no cricketing logic. It breaks the momentum of the game and affects both bowlers as well as batsmen.
The beauty of T20 is the fast pace of the game and its uncertainty factor. Why not let it be that way?
Let the players on the field decide and make that strategy there, instead of doing it in a dug out.

And finally, as if missing the opportunity to watch the matches at the PCA stadium was not enough, my cable operator chooses the Hindi commentary feed to make things comically worse. Not that I do not like my mother tongue- I love it but sadly, there is not one decent Hindi commentator around who can talk sense. The humor team comprises of a tired Amarnath, Bollywoodized Hrishikesh and ever so brilliant Arun Lal,who cracks the most pathetic of jokes and follows it with his own hushed Haha.

I am typing in some of the commentary bits, I have to had bear in the past week :
[Stage : Preity Zinta on the screen]"Aur ye dekhiye , Punjab ke kheton ki haryali"

"Sachin ne apne janamdin par Ramgarh ka atta khaya hai , Gabbar ki tarah khel rahe hai"

"Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost"

"Aur ye bahot hi acha shot" [3 seconds of silence – absolute bliss ] "par ye seedha fielder ke haath me "
[This happens all the time. Brilliant exhibition of lack of judgment]

"Shot" [silence] "nahi,catch"[silence]"aur ye boundary"

"Nannes ne naani yaad kara di"

[Stage : A child in Katrina Kaif's lap] "Aur ye dekhiye,lucky baccha".

How I miss the combination of Mark Nicholas, Bhogle and Shastri. :|

I hope these three spoilers are removed as we go on.

Monday, 20 April 2009

IPL-Quiz time!

As excited as I am to catch the initial few matches of IPL-2009, the cable operator played spoil sport and I could not catch the KingsXI Punjab vs Delhi Daredevils match live and so I went to my backup : the text commentary on Cricinfo.
From there, I banged into this IPL quiz :- Cricinfo Cricket Quiz
I have a score of 352 as I write this post
So all you cricket buffs out there,take the quiz and join in the competition. It is good fun and you get to learn about the IPL too.
As I typed that in, I thought,what a mismatch: IPL and 'learning'!
Anyway, I will now return to the Bangalore RC's chase of 180 vs CSK while I hope that Rahul Dravid plays a gem of an innings like the last time,again. Oh and his throw to run Hayden out was superb. Is he knocking on Indian ODI team's door again? I wish!

EDIT : My score now - 969 :D

Friday, 10 April 2009


You stepped on my pride and I shot,
your blood would stain my face forever,
you were neither my friend, nor my foe,
then why?..I do not know!

Tried washing the stains,
but they darken with each wash,
to remind me of pain,
the storm its the time for rain.

I haven't slept,
water hasn't quenched my thirst,
.....Your blood makes it red,
since the day,the day I gifted you the death bed.

I orphaned a flower,
I widowed a bride,
I extinguished a flame,
Is it only me?...Only me to blame?

I killed you and I died myself,
Our chests decorated,
Yours with a medal,mine with a burden..a sin,
Why my friend?,why?,why did you step in?


I cried a tear,
nothing could have helped more,
to fight the fire,
rage and tears galore

At war,
they marched down the eyes,
to leave a victory trail,
The ammunition..those tears,those cries.

I gathered the wet ash,
for it was a memoir,
of the end of me,
end of the fire.

I now afloat,
on the sea,
numb and peaceful,
I was a battlefield,now

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Fair trials

The judicial system is the backbone of a democratic country .India, fortunately has a decent setup in place. If only, the time one needs to get justice in the court of law be reduced, it’d be as close to being perfect as is possible. The judgment, of course needs to be fair in any case. Is the time taken for a judgment directly proportional to its fairness and correctness?
I'm not quite sure.
In the case against anti-Sikh riots,the judgment came after a good long decade and a half, after which the victims (or their kin) had to take to the streets of Delhi to cry for justice which they think they did not get in the court.
Sajjan Kumar has been found guilty of murdering innocent Sikhs back then, though the quantum of punishment remains to be seen. When that happens, I hope Sajjan is not allowed to pull off a Sidhu and become our leader. On the other hand,Varun Gandhi has been detained after NSA was slapped on him,along with attempt to murder and more.Sadly,the rationale behind that does not seem to be legal as much it is political.

That said; allow me to embark upon an adventure, with a possibly invalid thought as its base.

Following the case of Kasav made me wonder,why the tax payers’ money was being spent to feed an unwanted guest. Apart from the daily expenditure on the terrorist, India has built a tunnel costing Rs. 2 crores, to allow him to commute safely from the guest room to the trial room. I am glad they did not arrange a trial right in his room for the comfort of our guest.Jokes apart, I understand there are concerns that Pakistan is trying to shut a mouth which could hamper its already battered image and damage their international standing. But in all these months, haven’t the authorities got all that they could, from him? And if yes, why not do the honors of killing the man yourself? If no, I don’t see the man talking much in the future either.
The system wants to prove him guilty beyond doubt,before hanging him, which is alright but when the system (read judiciary, police, law enforcers, NSG guards and the likes combined) did not consider that condition
(and they obviously should not have), while his counterparts were shot at, on the spot, why wait on him?
Yes I know that there is a procedure to be followed and I also know that it cannot be tweaked but I just wanted to present an alternative view and so I did.

I just hope that irrespective of the process, he gets his justice and the victims of Mumbai and India, get theirs because we simply cannot get used to a criminal proceeding in court with a decision pending.
The man, who attacked the symbol of the largest democracy in the world, has been our guest for seven years now. Despite a possibly invalid, almost preposterous thought, I am tempted to suggest: Can’t there be an exception to the process, in case of these of obvious criminals, whose crime has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, as they say?