Saturday, 25 April 2009

Rain,breaks and Arun Lal

Will it happen or won’t it? Where? When? How? There were a zillion questions over the second edition of the IPL but Lalit Modi’s leadership and BCCI’s brute force with all the money it generates, ensured that the games went on. After India realized that the general elections to the 15th Lok Sabha were more important than the razzmatazz brand of money generating cricket,SA edged out England as the venue for the cricket extravaganza.
It is amazing how every piece in the maze fit into place and the games began, almost on schedule.
The momentum is picking up now with higher scores and better pitches but up until now, there have been three dampeners for me.

SA gave IPL every possible guarantee but even Superman Modi can’t control the weather. The rain has been playing spoilsport in a number of matches and it seems to be extremely generous when KingsXI Punjab are on the field. T20 is lottery cricket indeed but rain, followed by the application of D/L method, leaves no chance for the match to be decided on skill of the team. Duckworth and Lewis of course, did not like the team batting first.

IPL’s business managers played a super shot by introducing the strategy breaks of 7.5 minutes after every 10 overs to allow for the advertisements to generate more revenue. The decision seems to have no cricketing logic. It breaks the momentum of the game and affects both bowlers as well as batsmen.
The beauty of T20 is the fast pace of the game and its uncertainty factor. Why not let it be that way?
Let the players on the field decide and make that strategy there, instead of doing it in a dug out.

And finally, as if missing the opportunity to watch the matches at the PCA stadium was not enough, my cable operator chooses the Hindi commentary feed to make things comically worse. Not that I do not like my mother tongue- I love it but sadly, there is not one decent Hindi commentator around who can talk sense. The humor team comprises of a tired Amarnath, Bollywoodized Hrishikesh and ever so brilliant Arun Lal,who cracks the most pathetic of jokes and follows it with his own hushed Haha.

I am typing in some of the commentary bits, I have to had bear in the past week :
[Stage : Preity Zinta on the screen]"Aur ye dekhiye , Punjab ke kheton ki haryali"

"Sachin ne apne janamdin par Ramgarh ka atta khaya hai , Gabbar ki tarah khel rahe hai"

"Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost"

"Aur ye bahot hi acha shot" [3 seconds of silence – absolute bliss ] "par ye seedha fielder ke haath me "
[This happens all the time. Brilliant exhibition of lack of judgment]

"Shot" [silence] "nahi,catch"[silence]"aur ye boundary"

"Nannes ne naani yaad kara di"

[Stage : A child in Katrina Kaif's lap] "Aur ye dekhiye,lucky baccha".

How I miss the combination of Mark Nicholas, Bhogle and Shastri. :|

I hope these three spoilers are removed as we go on.


Samir Maggo said...

Hahahaa..I am in splits.
One more to add
"Yuvraj singh ko batting karne aa jana chahiye tha"....while he was at the crease!
Thankfully I get English commentary now

Strategy Break is crap.

But I am lovin it :)

Sharad Sharma said...

haha.. yeah good that Yuvraj has not hired one of them as his coach for now.
another thought : English commentators get to speak to the players on field via a mic.
I am sure if Arun Lal is allowed to do that,he'll be the highest wicket taker in this tournament.
Sachin Tendulkar : laughed out (c)Amarnath (b) Lal 47

Ramanender Singh said...

LOL mujhe pehle pata hota ke itna funny hota hai ipl to main bhi match dekhta

kuch aur nahi to ramghar ke gabbar aur kheton ki haryali hi dikh jati :)

this one takes the cake though
"Shot" [silence] "nahi,catch"[silence]"aur ye boundary"

Mohita said...


The saga has finally begun,despite all odds.

ASR said...

watch rameez rajas commentry closely expecially in a match bet indis n pak. u will definitely hav lots of fun

Anonymous said...

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