Friday, 10 April 2009


You stepped on my pride and I shot,
your blood would stain my face forever,
you were neither my friend, nor my foe,
then why?..I do not know!

Tried washing the stains,
but they darken with each wash,
to remind me of pain,
the storm its the time for rain.

I haven't slept,
water hasn't quenched my thirst,
.....Your blood makes it red,
since the day,the day I gifted you the death bed.

I orphaned a flower,
I widowed a bride,
I extinguished a flame,
Is it only me?...Only me to blame?

I killed you and I died myself,
Our chests decorated,
Yours with a medal,mine with a burden..a sin,
Why my friend?,why?,why did you step in?


Samir said...
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Samir Maggo said...

One wonders when would these Stains be washed!

Sharad Sharma said...

when the dream of a Utopian,peaceful world is realised :)

Anand said...

An ode to the dellusioned thinks.

Sharad Sharma said...

while writing this, the image in my mind was of two soldiers fighting it out on the border.. doing justice to their respective duties..

but yes , can be interpreted like you say,Anand.. :)

terrorism ,now ,seems to be the alias for war anyway

ramya said...

I am not a "pro" at poetry, studied 15 poems in my syllabus only from the paraphrases, but could understand it well when I read your comment.
Keep blogging!
I must tell you that I am not a bard myself, so I appreciate everyone who has this immortal fire in him. :)

Sharad Sharma said...

you never need to be a pro at poetry.. nobody probably is.
That for me , is the beauty of poetry : interpret the way you like and understand :)

Thanks for chipping in

Choco said...

Hey thanks for your comments on my blog. Really appreciate it!

And what a lovely poem this was. I agree with someone else here. It did remind me of a terrorist. Wish God grants them a conscience like the guy in this poem

Keep Blogging:)

Deepika Gupta said...

i don't write poetry but i do appreciate... good work!!! keep it up :)

Annie said...

Beautiful thought, beautiful poetry always :)

Annie said...
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anusha said...

touched m heart,soul nd m mind!!
nicely written!!

Sharad Sharma said...

thanks,all of you! :)

D Quintessential Wasp said...

the play on masochism and sadism reminds me of the movie 'kill bill'... i feel it could have been more intense... in terms of imagery, i felt it was pretty good....

Sharad Sharma said...

thanks for your analysis, Wasp :)

Anonymous said...

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Neha Chopade said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. You write really well :)