Monday, 25 May 2009

Puppet on the Pyre

I am your puppet,
you hold the string,
you make me dance,
I make your show,
you gather the applause,
..and you go.

You were life,
now I can't move,
You leave me behind still,
in search of another puppet,
to work for another show,
to gather another applause,
you move go.

You discover another road,
not a single glance back,
to see your puppet galloped by the fire,
to see your puppet on the pyre.

In this poem, I have tried to draw an analogy between life and how it is controlled by a force unknown.Humans , are essentially , puppets and we have bodies which are still and useless , once life is taken out of them

This is not meant to suggest that we should not live our life. Life is a fantastic journey to be enjoyed all the way through and to be celebrated on each milestone until the puppet goes on the pyre.When it eventually does,by then, it should have brought joy to a lot of people to ensure a life,well lived. The puppet will be remembered by those who matter.


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Har raah par tumhe dekhta hoon,
Har mod par dhoondta hoon,shaayad kahin tum mil jaao,
Har raat tumhe khwabon me dekhta hoon,
Shayad,shayad kabhi zindagi me utar aao.

Tumhari ek jhalak ke liye,ghanto intazzar karta hoon,
nahi dikhti,fir bhi jeeta hoon,
us ek mithe pal ke liye,
pal pal zeher pita hoon.

Log kehte hain main hasta nahin,
hassun bhi to kaise,
tum meri jaan ho,
aur jaan ke bina,bas ek sharir hoon jaise.

Tumhi se pyar kiya hai,tumhi se karoonga,
fir chahe dil ka ek kona kahe ki tum meri nahin,
Tum karo,naa karo,
tumhe pyar karne se mujhe koi rok sakta nahin.

Sirf ek yaad hoti to bhula deta,
tumhe har saans me jeeta hoon,
bhula sakta nahin,
yaad kar kar marta hoon.

Kal tumse milunga,
pata nahin ,fir milun bhi yaan nahi,
tumhare bina jiyunga,
pata nahin ,fir jiyun bhi yaan nahi.

(P.S : Like Echo , this is just a poetic experiment :) I have not had the misfortune of a heart break yet.I wrote an English version of this as well.I have posted that as a comment to this poem)