Monday, 25 May 2009

Puppet on the Pyre

I am your puppet,
you hold the string,
you make me dance,
I make your show,
you gather the applause,
..and you go.

You were life,
now I can't move,
You leave me behind still,
in search of another puppet,
to work for another show,
to gather another applause,
you move go.

You discover another road,
not a single glance back,
to see your puppet galloped by the fire,
to see your puppet on the pyre.

In this poem, I have tried to draw an analogy between life and how it is controlled by a force unknown.Humans , are essentially , puppets and we have bodies which are still and useless , once life is taken out of them

This is not meant to suggest that we should not live our life. Life is a fantastic journey to be enjoyed all the way through and to be celebrated on each milestone until the puppet goes on the pyre.When it eventually does,by then, it should have brought joy to a lot of people to ensure a life,well lived. The puppet will be remembered by those who matter.



Anonymous said...

truely said.. real fact of life... life is to live every moment with joy.. up and downs are part of life... must say.. have beautifully present this in a poetic form.. hats off :)

Simply Surbhi ! said...

Very well written,deep thought expressed in simple words.keep going.

Sharad Sharma said...

Thanks so much for the read and the comments , Anon

Thanks Surbhi! :)

genie said...

So true sharad....very well expressed...kudos to you my friend!!

Choco said...

So deep and well put. Nice work :)

Nikki said...

Very true and very put together!

sujata said...

liked your work Sharad. Keep going!!

Smartass Numero Uno said...

I like the interpretation and the figures of speech, well used :)

Then again, doesn't the presence of an 'unknown force' that has greater control over us that our own minds signify that freedom is overrated and we won't get it however hard we strive for it? Your thoughts on that...

Sharad Sharma said...

thanks all of you for your reviews :)

@Smartass NU,
Assuming that you are talking about freedom from life(and death), then yes I think it could be overrated because that process does not seem to be controllable beyond a certain ,very limited extent. A human is tied,really,with strings handled by a force,unknown.

But within the domain of those strings, you have a totally different kind of freedom,which is out there for each person and for real..the freedom to decide how he chooses to play his part and proper exercise of that freedom decides how well a life was lived.This latter freedom is way more important than uncontrollable former freedom


Amal Bose said...

very well said Sharad..
really loved the work..
keep it coming :-)

Sharad Sharma said...

thanks so much Amal :)

Illeen said...

Lovely poem..

And I liked what u said at the end,the puppet shall always be remembered by those who matter.


Newbie Mommy said...

Just been through your blog and find the concept both fascinating and intricately put.

Brilliant stuff ;)


Sharad Sharma said...

thanks so much Ileen and NM :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

u r a poet and i dint even know it :)

hey added u on fb :)

AMIT said...

Your writing work is very good.I appreciate it.

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Samarpita said...

heya..i like ur work..its nice..umm dnt bother 2 give explainations as 2 wat u really want to depict frm a particular piece of writing..its totally up2 d reader what he/she wants to make out of it and also if u want the reader to think xactly the way u r then it shud b reflectd frm d writng itslf..