Sunday, 28 March 2010

Lions and rabbits

What happens when a pack of lions is led by a rabbit?

The lions are made to eat grass. For an illustration, you can see KingsXIPunjab’s performance in IPL 2010.
Kumar Sangakkara is a fantastic cricketer without a doubt but he is proving to be just as bad a leader for the Punjab team, which has its tag line as Live Punjabi, Play Punjabi. He is doing no justice to the job and to make matters worse he has a fellow rabbit in Mahela Jayawardene. He is another cricketing great from Sri Lanka but just does not fit into the scheme of Punjabi way of life and T20 cricket. He, just like his leader, has acted way too timid.

Sanga’s only courageous act this season would be the statement that Yuvraj should take more responsibility. Yes, he should but making that statement when you yourself have scored 91 runs in 6 matches is extremely courageous and he needs to be applauded for this act of bravery.

Chasing 183 against KKR, Sangakkara and Mahela made a mess of it by looking for singles as if they were playing a Sri Lanka – India test match. It was was sad and certainly not in the spirit of the league. They could have at least tried. Yuvraj , who supposedly should take more responsibility scored 24 and got out trying. He did not waste time, which is of essence in a T20 match.

Punjab would be better served by playing any two local players instead of these expensive and useless foreign recruits. I would love to see Yuvraj back as the leader, however arrogant he may be with his mannerisms. That in fact, may be what these wounded lions need – the spark of new leader and some spirit. As of now, this team is anything but Punjabi.